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To successfully mitigate corruption risk, you need to know more than just the language and customs. You need analysts and investigators that can skillfully navigate in-country intelligence and data privacy regulations, as well as the automation tools for the ongoing management of third-party relationships. STEELE has that unique blend of products and services that translate into unmatched third-party compliance program support for our clients.

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When exploring potential third-party business relationships, multinational companies must be equipped with relevant and timely intelligence to make strategic business decisions. STEELE offers fixed-scope, fixed-cost due diligence services with predictable timelines that support a risk-based due diligence approach to third party management.

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Third-party compliance in a single SaaS platform that assesses risk and manages due diligence. Securimate’s integrated platform enables you to centralize all your third-party data, streamline onboarding and renewal, drive work flow and ensure ongoing monitoring of third parties through a robust audit trail.

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Determining how best to perform due diligence of third-party intermediaries is particularly challenging – especially for companies that operate in multiple markets. STEELE works with companies to assess risk, evaluate controls, conduct pre-transaction due diligence and develop and implement ABAC programs.

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