Strategic Alliances

To meet the diverse needs of our clients and to quickly mitigate exposure with a comprehensive risk management solution, STEELE partners with best-in-class product and service providers around the world.

Why Partner with STEELE?

STEELE takes great pride in the brand and reputation it has built over more than two decades of providing crisis and risk management solutions. In order to ensure that we remain an industry leader, we are committed to the success of our partners. The foundation of our program is built on mutual trust, investment and support.

  • Our Commitment
    • We respect our partner relationships and operate with discretion and confidentiality.
    • We invest in our partners (joint marketing activities).
    • We assign dedicated resources.
    • We build strategic plans that lead to revenue.
  • Your Benefit
    • A trusted partner.
    • Greater marketing footprint and visibility.
    • Reduced learning curve and operational efficiency.
    • New clients and greater profitability.
    • Best-in-class, third-party SaaS platform for your clients.

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