Program Advisory Services

Failing to implement a robust ABAC program can prove extremely costly. Notwithstanding the escalating fines and legal expenses that can easily reach the tens of millions, a company may also suffer severe damage to its reputation that can take years to repair. Determining how best to perform due diligence of third-party intermediaries is particularly challenging – especially for companies that operate in multiple markets. STEELE works with companies to assess risk, evaluate controls, conduct pre-transaction due diligence and develop and implement ABAC programs. With deep expertise coming from a variety of industries and disciplines – law, ethics and compliance, law enforcement, risk management, international business operations, anti-fraud and audit – STEELE is well-situated to assist you in any phase of your ABAC program initiative. Our solutions include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Program Evaluation
  • Program Development
  • Program Implementation
  • Flexible Staffing Solutions

STEELE recognizes that each client works with different systems, tools, risk-based philosophies and strategies which have various phases of implementation and degrees of effectiveness. STEELE’s approach helps to create alignment of structure, controls, and compliance and extract maximum value from diverse risk and compliance programs and initiatives. We deliver value-oriented, custom-created solutions with implementation guidance and support.

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